How it Works

The path to isUD Certification is easy!

1. Pre-certification


1 user account
30-days access to:


1 user account 1 project/yr
Access to:


3 users/project 2 projects/yr All Supporter level benefits
Discounts on:
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Membership Levels

Create projects & access all the benefits of isUD!

Free Account

Anyone can create an account for free.

  • For 30 days, the user will be able to:
  • Access all solutions
    Access all drawings & figures
  • Create and access 1 project, & experiment with how the project may score

Users cannot submit the project for pre-certification review or isUD Certification with on-site audit. The project will lock after 30-days. To regain access to the project, the user must upgrade to a paid account within 1 year.



Supporters will be able to

  • Access all solutions
  • Access all drawings & figures Access all Design
  • Resources Create 1 project/yr
  • Access a printable scorecard for all projects
  • Submit projects for pre-certification, & isUD
  • Certification with on-site audit
  • 20% discount on recertification if subscription is active for all 5 years



Innovators will have access to all Supporter level features, plus:

  • Up to 3 total user accounts/project
  • Create 2 projects/yr
  • 20% discount on additional projects
  • 20% discount on select online courses in Universal Design
  • FREE online courses on isUD

2. Create Project

Fill out project profile, select the solutions you include or intend to include in your project, see how your project scores, and save to come back later.
OPTIONAL isUD Pre-certification (additional fees apply) Submit documentation to confirm your score & save on audit costs.
OPTIONAL isUD Consulting & Training (additional fees apply)

3. On-site Audit​

Submit documentation and schedule an on-site audit with an isUD Accredited Professional. Fees vary based on project size & location.

4. Certification

isUD Certification is valid for 5 years

Receive link to purchase plaques and decals.

Promote your project on isUD website and share on social media.

Gain access to isUD graphics.

Didn’t get certified?
Take curative actions or file for review.
Learn more about the Certication plaque

Certification Plaque

These 14″ engraved aluminum isUD plaques are machined from solid aluminum sheet stock composed of up to 85% recycled material. Each plaque is engraved with the year of your certification as well as the isUD logo.

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isUD plaque


Renew your isUD Certification every 5 years.

Get reduced rates for renewal document review & recertification audits.

Discounts are available for continuously active membership.