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  • Show employees, visitors, investors, and others that you prioritize inclusivity within the design and operations of your building/site
  • Integrate evidence-based strategies that improve performance, optimize health, and encourage social participation for all
  • Ensure that your company is leading the industry on inclusive design practices
  • Improve employee and visitor satisfaction, increase productivity, and encourage repeat visits

Using isUD…

  • Facilitates Universal Design at all stages of a project - from design process to policies and practices - that enable people of all abilities to contribute
  • Provides efficient access to practical Universal Design knowledge
  • Provides a step-by-step checklist for project teams to use in their quest for ongoing inclusivity
Idea Center employee using isud

How isUD Works

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2 - Create

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3 - Select

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4 - Submit

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5 - Review

isUD team will start the review process to get your building certified.

How to Earn Recognition


  • Select solutions and self-assess isUD achievements
  • Receive printable award
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