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Universal Design (UD)

Universal Design is a process that enables and empowers a diverse population by improving human performance, health and wellness, and social participation (Steinfeld and Maisel, 2012).
We work collaboratively with owners, architects, interior designers, and building users at all stages of project planning, design, and post-occupancy to help you realize your Universal Design vision.

Goals of Universal Design (UD)

We evaluate all projects through the lens of the eight Goals of Universal Design:
Goals of UD - Body Fit Diagram

Body Fit

Accommodating a wide a range of body sizes and abilities
Goals of UD - Comfort Diagram


Keeping demands within desirable limits of body function and perception
Goals of UD - Awareness Diagram


Ensuring that critical information for use is easily perceived
Goals of UD - Understanding Diagram


Making methods of operation and use intuitive, clear, and unambiguous
Goals of UD - Wellness drawing


Contributing to health promotion, avoidance of disease, and protection from hazards

Goals of UD - Social Integration drawing

Social Integration

Treating all groups with dignity and respect
Goals of UD - Personalization drawing


Incorporating opportunities for choice and the expression of individual preferences
Goals of UD - Cultural Appropriateness Diagram

Cultural Appropriateness

Respecting and reinforcing cultural values and the social and environmental contexts of any design project

Design Resources

We have encapsulated years of evidence-based research into Design Resources that provide an overview of the current state of knowledge in various fields.

isUD Overview

The isUD is comprised of over 500 Universal Design solutions derived from Goals of Universal Design and the Design Resources.

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