Pittsburgh Childrens Museum wayfinding in hallway

Design Resources

isUD solutions are based on years of evidence-based research encapsulated in several Design Resources.
As captured by the definition, Universal Design is a process. The state-of-the-art is constantly changing. As new research becomes available, and as social norms and expectations continue to evolve, so too do appropriate design solutions. The Design Resources published here attempt to capture the most important and current design issues and research available to-date. The Design Resources summarize the available knowledge on the most relevant issues so that facility owners and designers can understand the issues, their importance, and design considerations needed to sufficiently address them.
We welcome advocates, researchers, designers, and other practitioners to contact us to let us know of emerging research and design issues, innovative design ideas, or to provide any other feedback.

Chapter 4: Environmental Quality

Chapter 5: Site

Chapter 6: Rooms and Spaces

Chapter 7: Furnishings and Equipment

Chapter 8: Services

Chapter 9: Policies

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