Our mission is to ensure inclusivity by creating spaces that eliminate barriers for all; transforming the way buildings and communities are designed and maintained; and elevating the user experience by improving human performance, health and wellness, and social participation: Universal Design.

person in wheelchair at a playground


The isUD embodies the future of Universal Design’s success. Our vision is for the public to recognize the value of Universal Design and isUD Certification and call on their communities to implement innovative solutions for Universal Design in order to make our world healthier, friendlier, and safer.


Inclusivity & Equality: We are all in this world together for better or worse: Let’s make it better for all.

Innovation & Creativity: Building a better world requires action and new ideas. Creating change and improving the world around us requires bold new ideas.

Science & Experience: Bold new ideas proven effective by science and coupled with the wisdom learned from centuries of building tradition are a recipe for the solutions we need.

Blind person walking