How it Works

How isUD Works

The path to isUD Certification is easy!

1 Pre-certification


1 user account
30-days access to:


1 user account
1 free project/yr
Access to:


3 users/project
2 free projects/yr
All Supporter level benefits
Discounts on:
Learn more about our membership levels

Membership Levels

Create projects & access all the benefits of isUD!

Free Account

Anyone can create an account for free: All users are eligible for an initial phone consultation.

For 30 days, the user will be able to:

  • Access all solutions
  • Access all drawings and figures
  • Create and access 1 project, & experiment with how the project may score

Users cannot submit the project for pre-certification review or isUD Certification with on-site audit. The project will lock after 30-days. To regain access to the project, the user must upgrade to a paid account within 1 year.



Supporters will be able to

  • Access all solutions
  • Access all drawings and figures
  • Access all Design Resources
  • Create 1 project/year
  • Access a printable scorecard for all projects
  • Submit projects for pre-certification
  • isUD Certification with on-site audit
  • 20% discount on recertification if subscription is active for all 5 years



Innovators will have access to all Supporter level features, plus:

  • Up to 3 total user accounts/project
  • Create 2 projects/year
  • Access to free and discounted online course

2 Create Project

Fill out project profile, select the solutions you include or intend to include in your project, see how your project scores, and save to come back later.
OPTIONAL isUD Pre-certification (additional fees apply)
Submit documentation to confirm your score & save on audit costs.
OPTIONAL isUD Consulting & Training (additional fees apply)

3 On-site Audit​

Submit documentation and schedule an on-site audit with an isUD Accredited Professional.
Fees vary based on project size & location.

4 Certification

isUD Certification is valid for 5 years

Receive link to purchase plaques and decals.

Promote your project on isUD website and share on social media.

Gain access to isUD graphics.

Didn’t get certified?
Take curative actions or file for review.


Fee Structure

Fee Structure

isUD is one of the most aordable certification options!


Document Review

+50 of the on-site audit cost calculated below
This is in addition to the on-site audit cost.


On-site Audit



100,000 sq.ft. or less
100,000 sq.ft. or lesS
+$200 per 10,000 sq.ft. over 100,000 (or portion thereof)

Calculated using gross sq.ft. Parking garage floors are not included in building area.


2 acres included with building
3-20 acres:
100,000 sq.ft. or lesS

+$40 per 10,000 sq.ft.
over 100,000 (or portion thereof)

Building footprints, grassy fields of play, & undeveloped natural areas can be excluded from site area.

Parking garage floors are added to site area.


(Every 5 years)


Document Review & Virtual Audit


+$250 per hour + Travel (if any)
Document Review & Virtual Audit

Score Challenges

(Every 5 years)


Fee assessed case-by-case


Reviewer option to charge
Fees assessed case-by-case


$250 per solution reviewed

Recourse Options

Recourse Options

Projects that don’t get certified have options!

Curative Action

Make changes to your project to gain certification.


+$250 per hour + Travel (if any)

Document Review & Virtual Audit

Depending on the extent of the changes and work necessary to verify the changes, the reviewer will provide an estimate of new charges prior to initiating review. Once accepted, the reviewer will determine if the changes made are sufficient to change the project’s score.

Discrepancy Review

Ask us to review specific aspects of your project again.


+$250 per hour + Travel (if any)

Document Review &/or On-site Audit

If no changes are being made to the project, but there is disagreement as to whether or not a specific solution was implemented you can provide the reviewer with a written rationale or justification, including photos or other evidence as to why you believe the previous reviewer made an error.

Where the information available to the reviewer at the time should have resulted in a decision that the solution was implemented, there is often no charge to correct the discrepancy. However, if the implementation of a solution could not have reasonably been known to the reviewer based on the information available, and only a review of new evidence makes a determination possible, the reviewer has the option to charge.

Formal Appeal

Have discrepancy review decisions reviewed by supervisors.


+$250 per solution reviewed

Supervisor Review of Objections to Specific Solutions

Provide additional evidence or commentary for a final ruling.