Score Challenges

Projects that don’t get certified have options!

1. Curative Action

Make changes to your project to gain certification.

Document Review & Virtual Audit

+$250 per hour
+ cost of travel expenses

Depending on the extent of the changes and work necessary to verify the changes, the reviewer will provide an estimate of new charges prior to initiating review. Once accepted, the reviewer will determine if the changes made are sufficient to change the project’s score.

2. Discrepancy Review

Ask us to review specific aspects of your project again

Document Review &/or On-site Audit

+$250 per hour
+ cost of travel expenses

If no changes are being made to the project, but there is disagreement as to whether or not a specific solution was implemented, you can provide the reviewer with a written rationale or justification, including photos or other evidence as to why you believe the previous reviewer made an error. Where the information available to the reviewer at the time should have resulted in a decision that the solution was implemented, there is no charge to correct the discrepancy. However, if the implementation of a solution could not have reasonably been known to the reviewer based on the information available, and only a review of new evidence makes a determination possible, the hourly rate will be charged.

3. Formal Appeal

Have discrepancy review decisions reviewed by supervisors

Supervisor Review of Objections to Specific Solutions

+$250 per solution review

Provide additional evidence or commentary for a final ruling.